Experiential stays

Experiential stays

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Many of us are born in cities and towns and most of us have some or other connections to villages or small towns through our ancestral link. We crave to visit our villages and try to connect with our roots. But somehow, due to migrations of our ancestors to cities for work and survival, many of us have lost the ancestral lands / homes back in villages. We offer stays at traditional homes in different parts of India, where you feel like staying close to your roots. And it also satisfies the quest for some of us to experience different cultures and traditions.

We offer unique stays where you adjust your body clock with the nature. You get up when sun rises, have food whenever you are hungry, sleep when you feel sleepy, exercise when you are full with energy.

We have tied up with people with similar mind set. They provide you with best hospitality services, food with local aroma and flavours, help you with local sightseeing, arrange local shopping.

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