Shippensburg University Housing Agreement

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Shippensburg University, located in Pennsylvania, requires all students to sign a housing agreement before moving into university-owned or affiliated housing. This agreement outlines the rules and regulations that students must abide by while living on campus.

The housing agreement covers a variety of topics, including room assignments, roommate conflicts, quiet hours, and general conduct expectations. It also includes information related to damages and cleaning fees, as well as the process for students to appeal any charges.

One important aspect of the housing agreement is the requirement for students to maintain a clean and safe living environment. This includes keeping their room and common areas tidy, reporting any maintenance or safety concerns to the appropriate authorities, and refraining from any actions that could cause harm or damage to the property.

The agreement also addresses issues related to alcohol and drug use. While the university is a dry campus, meaning that alcohol is not permitted, students who are of legal drinking age may be allowed to have alcohol in their rooms under certain conditions. However, the use of illegal drugs is strictly prohibited and can result in disciplinary action.

In addition, the housing agreement outlines the consequences for violating any of the rules or regulations. This can range from a verbal warning to eviction from university-owned or affiliated housing. It is important for students to read and understand the agreement before signing it, as they are legally bound to abide by its terms and conditions.

Overall, the Shippensburg University housing agreement exists to ensure that all students are able to live together in a safe and respectful environment. By following the rules and regulations outlined in the agreement, students can help create a positive living experience for themselves and their fellow residents.